Biostatistics and Research Design

The Center on Aging and Health is home to a dedicated core of PhD- and Masters-level methodological experts and statisticians.  Led by Dr. David Roth, the core provides first-class statistical expertise to the researchers on aging at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. Our group of internationally recognized biostatisticians shares a commitment to quality education and research to advance the science on aging.

This core works to:

  • Provide the highest quality professional advice and statistical support to the researchers, fellows and trainees on study design, data collection, data management, data analysis and interpretation of research finding.
  • Provide the highest quality statistical education and training to acquaint the next generation of gerontologists and geriatricians with modern statistical tools needed to validly analyze and interpret data.
  • Advance the science of aging by developing new analytic methods and applications.
  • Assist in developing methodologies for translating epidemiologic research findings into clinical recommendations and interventions.
  • Provide state-of-the-art data management, information processing, computing facilities to better achieve research goals.
  • Provide access to archived study data through our Data Acquisition System.

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