OAIC Grants and Awards

Grants and awards supported by the JHU OAIC:

Funded, 2022:

OAIC Supplement, NIA, Mitochondrial function, immune aging, and frailty among people with and without HIV.

K01, NIA, Alteration in the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis and frailty in aging men with HIV. PI: Jenny Pena Dias.

K01, NIA, The START trial: a proof-of-concept sedentary reduction program for prefrail older adults. PI: Amal Wanigatunga.

K01, NIA, Effects of Genetic and Pharmacological Kynurenine Pathway Suppression on Healthspan, Lifespan, and Cellular Changes Associated with Aging in Mice. PI: Reyhan Westbrook.

Funded, 2021:

K23, NIA, A Meal Delivery and Exercise Intervention to Increase Resilience in Homebound Older Adults. PI: Jessica Lee.

RF1, Cerebral Autoregulation in the Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit: Associations with Postoperative Delirium, Cognitive Change, and Biomarkers of Brain Injury. PI: Charles Brown. 

P30, NIA, Utilizing Technology and AI Approaches to Facilitate Independence and Resilience in Older Adults. MPI: Chellappa, Abadir, Walston.

U01, NIAID,  Leveraging an ongoing longitudinal study of influenza vaccination to define immune signatures of response and risk of infection in older adults >75. PI: Leng.

Funded, 2020:

K01, NIA, Frailty, Post-Transplant Delirium, and Neurocognitive Underpinnings of Alzheimers. PI: Nadia Chu.

K23, NHLBI, Frailty and Resiliency in Older Adults with Acute Myocardial Infarction. PI: Abdulla Damluji.

R01, NIGMS, Differential Regulation and Roles of A-type Lamins in Early G1. PI: Katherine L. Wilson.

R13, NIA, Maximizing Inclusion of Researchers with Visual Impairments. PI: Bonnie Swenor.

Funded, 2019:

K23, NIA, Systemic- and Neuroinflammation and the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. PI: Keenan Walker. 

R01, NIA, Mitochondrial Energetics, Exercise Intolerance and Fatigability in Older People with HIV. PI: Robert Weiss.

R01 Diversity Supplement, NIA, Mitochondrial Energetics, Exercise Intolerance and Fatigability in Older People with HIV. PI: Sabra Lewsey.

Research to Prevent Blindness award, Wilmer Eye Institute, Cataract Surgery and Frailty. PI: Bonnie Swenor.

Johns Hopkins Catalyst Award, Improving postoperative outcomes for older adults. PI: Charles Brown.

Funded 2018:

K76 (Beeson), NIA, Improving Cancer Screening in Older Adults with Limited Life Expectancy. PI: Nancy Schoenborn.

K08, NIA, Alteration of Kynurenine Pathway in Age-Associated Muscle WeaknessPI: Tae Chung.

R01, NIA, Frailty, HIV Infection, Injection Drug Use, and the Inflammatory Microbiome. PI: Damani Piggott.

R01, NIA, Does Vestibular Loss Predict Falls in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease? PI: Yuri Agrawal.

R01, NIA. ESRD-Specific Physiologic Age: Improving Geriatric Transplant Prognostication. PI: Mara McAdams-DeMarco.

Funded 2017 and earlier:

R21, NIA, Autoantibodies, Inflammation and Cognitive Decline. PI: Neal Fedarko.

UH2/UH3, NIA, Characterizing Resiliencies to Physical Stressors in Older Adults: A Dynamical Physiological Systems Approach. PIs: Jeremy Walston, Karen Bandeen-Roche, Ravi Varadhan.

U01, NIA, Energy Reserves, Physical Activity, and Alzheimer’s Disease in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging. PI: Jennifer Schrack.

R01, NIA, Enhancing Mobility in Older Adults by Treating Chronic Inflammation: Pilot Phase. PI: Jeremy Walston

R21, NIA, Recombinant Human Lactoferrin for the Treatment of Chronic Inflammation in Older Adults. PI: Jeremy Walston.

R21, NIA/NCI, Defining and Quantifying Fatigability in Functionally Independent Older Adults. PI: Jennifer Schrack.

K76 (Beeson), NIA, Monitoring Cerebral Autoregulation in Patients Undergoing Traumatic Hip Fracture Surgery to Improve Postoperative Outcomes. PI: Charles Brown.

K23, NIA, Association of Frailty with Post Thyroidectomy Alterations in Voice, Swallowing, and Quality of Life. PI: Aarti Mathur.

K23, NIA, Early Frailty Biomarkers: Patterns Of Activity and Energy Expenditure. PI: Megan Huisingh-Scheetz.

R03, NIA, Physical Frailty and Cognitive Impairment: Intersection, Measurement & Etiologies. PI: Qian-Li Xue

K01, NIA, Intersection of Physiologic Frailty and Cognitive Performance in Older Adults: An Integrative Data Analysis. PI: Alden Gross.

R01, NHLBI, Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number and Genetic Variation in Coronary Heart Disease. PI: Dan Arking.

RF1, NIA, Transitions To Family Caregiving and its Impact on Health Indicators. PI: David L. Roth.

R03, NIDDK, Lean Body Mass and the Development of Diabetes. PI: Rita Kaylani

2015 Glenn/AFAR Fellowship in Translational Research, The Identification and Translation of Novel Metabolic Findings in the Aging Chronically Inflammed Interleukin-10tm1Cgn Mouse. PI: Reyhan Westbrook

R03, NIA, Frailty Assessment: Matching Simplification Efforts to Clinical Aims. PI: Qian-Li Xue.

R21, NIA, Creating and Validating a Claims-based Indicator of Frailty. PI: Jodi Segal.

K23, NIDCD, Age-Related Changes in the Vestibular System and Functional Implications. PI: Yuri Agrawal

R01, NIAID, Influence Vaccine Failure in Adults Over Age 75: Role of Chronic CMV InfectionPI: Sean X Leng

K01, NIA, Frailty and Adverse Health Outcomes of Aging in Older Adults with Kidney FailurePI: Mara McAdams DeMarco

K23, NIAID, Determinants and Consequences of Frailty among HIV-Infected Persons. PI: Damani Piggott

2013 Glenn Award for Research in Biological Mechanisms of AgingPI: Jeremy Walston

R03, NIA, Clinical Significance of Short-Term Change and Variability of Grip StrengthPI: Qian-Li Xue

R21, NIA, Novel Formulation of Topical Losartan for Treatment of Wounds in AgingPI: Jeremy Walston and Peter Abadir

P30, NIA, OAIC Renewal GrantPI: Jeremy Walston; Co-PI: Karen Bandeen-Roche

K23, NIDDK, Glucose Insulin and Muscle LossPI: Rita Kalyani

Brookdale Leadership In Aging AwardPI: Ravi Varadhan

K23, NIDCD, Hearing Loss and AgingPI: Frank R Lin

K23, NIA, Age Related Changes in Angiotensin Receptors and Its Role in Chronic InflammationPI: Peter Abadir

K23, NIA, CMV Infection and T-Cell Receptor Diversity in the Pathogenesis of FrailtyPI: George C Wang

R01, NIDDK, Mechanisms of Anemia of Chronic Inflammation and Aging in MicePI: Cindy N Roy

U01, NIA, PACTTE-Partnership for Anemia: Clinical and Translational Trials in the Elderly. PI: Harvey J Cohen; Sub-site PI: Jeremy Walston

K01, NIA, Aging-Related Biodemography of Life Course Physiology and Environmental Modifiers. PI: Christopher Seplaki

K23, NIA, Vaccine Induced Immunity Against Influenza in FrailtyPI: Sean X Leng

K23, NIA, Treatment Burden in Older Adults with Diabetes and Multimorbidity. PI: Cynthia M Boyd