Leadership and Administrative Core

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Leadership and Administrative Core

Core Leaders: Jeremy Walston, MD; Karen Bandeen-Roche, PhD

The Leadership and Administrative Core (LAC) spearheads the collaborative mission and vision of the JHU Older Americans Independence Center (OAIC). The LAC serves as the driving force in identifying the next generation of research on frailty, supports research planning and recruitment of investigators, and sets and monitors progress benchmarks. The core administrates the OAIC and its research and training Cores for soundness of operations and accomplishes required reporting; promotes a stimulating intellectual environment around scholarship on frailty so as to attract outstanding researchers and knit them into an interdisciplinary community; and creates visibility for the accomplishments of the OAIC locally and globally. Overall, the LAC provides essential leadership in planning, integrating, sustaining, implementing and monitoring OAIC operations to ensure the conduct of these OAIC functions within the broader goals of the support of research aiming to develop new strategies to enhance independence in older Americans and the creation of a new generation of research leaders in the field.

The LAC is led by Drs. Walston and Dr. Bandeen-Roche, with close engagement from the diverse disciplinary expertise of the leaders of all OAIC Cores and the Center Administrator. The LAC is robustly advised by a Leadership Council which it engages monthly, an Internal Advisory Committee engaged quarterly, and an External Advisory Board which convenes annually.

Leadership Council Members

  • Jeremy Walston, MD, PI and RC-2 Co-Leader
  • Karen Bandeen-Roche, PhD, Co-PI and RC-1 Leader
  • Dan Arking, PhD, RC-2 Co-Leader
  • Brian Buta, MHS, Center Administrator
  • Aravinda Chakravarti, PhD, RC-2 Leader
  • Neal Fedarko, Pilot Core Leader
  • Gary Gerstenblith, MD, RCDC Leader
  • Robert Wise, MD, RC-3 Leader
  • Qian-Li Xue, PhD, RC-1 Co-Leader
  • Samuel C. Durso, MD, Director, Division of Geriatric Medicine
  • Laura Gitlin, PhD, Director, Center for Innovative Car in Aging
  • David Roth, PhD, Director, Center on Aging and Health
  • Mike Weisfeldt, MD, Director, Department of Medicine