Translational Aging Research

Principal Investigator: Jeremy Walston, MD
This training program is funded by the National Institute on Aging (T32AGO58527).
We offer postdoctoral training opportunities.


Are you interested in “bench to bedside” medicine?

This postdoctoral training program focuses on clinical translation.  The program provides trainees with a wide portfolio of aging and older adults focused training choices that range from basic biology and engineering discovery to translation of those findings into clinically revelant studies to clinical trials training.  The goal of this training is to help trainees develop careers that utilize clinical translational approaches to improve the health and well-being of older adults. 

This program is intentionally designed to:

  • Develop a new generation of interdisciplinary translational aging research experts
  • Provide trainees with hands-on directed translational laboratory or clinically-oriented research projects
  • Offer trainees access to robust interdisciplinary and translational focused aging research infrastructure and collaborative research opportunities with faculty at Johns Hopkins who work within these entities:
    • Center on Aging and Health
    • Biology of Healthy Aging
    • Older Americans Independence Center
    • The Human Aging Project
    • The Whiting School of Engineering
    • The Bloomberg School of Public Health
    • School of Medicine
  • Prepare trainees for sustained academic careers using mentors and career development resources at JHU

Helpful Information

Application Instructions & Contact Information

Up to seven postdoctoral fellows can be in the training program at any given time.  We accept MDs and PhDs from Geriatric Medicine and other divisions/departments within the School of Medicine, as well as candidates from the Schools of Public Health, Engineering, and Nursing.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

For more information and application instructions, contact Dr. Jeremy Walston.