Research Training in Age-Related Cognitive Disorders

Research Training in Age-Related Cognitive Disorders

Principal Investigator: Marilyn S. Albert, PhD
This training program is funded by the National Institute on Aging (T32AG027668).
We offer pre and postdoctoral training opportunities.


Would you like to find your focus as an innovative research leader in age-related cognitive disorders?

This training program enables pre and postdoctoral scientists to conduct independent research in the vast field of cognitive disorders related to the aging nervous system, including: age-related cognitive change and age-related cognitive disorders (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Frontotemporal dementia (FTD); and vascular cognitive decline).

To this purpose, we have designed a core didactic program complemented by four specialized pathways:

  • Clinical Studies of Aging and Age-Related Cognitive Disorders
  • Population Studies of Aging and Age-Related Cognitive Disorders
  • Imaging Studies of Aging and Age-Related Cognitive Disorders
  • Animal Models of Aging and Neurodegeneration

Each primary department associated with the program has information about the training program on their website, which you can reach by clicking on the links below:

Moreover, this excellent, interdisciplinary training opportunity prepares young investigators in age-related cognitive disorders for critical thought, innovative insights, and original discoveries.  Under the expert guidance of a faculty mentor, trainees will conduct meaningful original research.  

Application Instructions & Contact Information

Details about the application process for the specialized pathways above can be found here.

Applications are accepted, and decisions about candidates are made, on a rolling basis starting in the Fall of a given year.  We recommend that you apply early–before late Winter of the following year.  Please contact Dr. Marilyn Albert for further information or application instructions.