Looking for dementia caregiver resources in Maryland?

image in color of brain matter

It can be difficult to find support for dementia caregivers, and information about the many programs that can help their loved-one with dementia. To address this gap, #BrainMatters held a webinar on “Dementia Caregiving & Caregivers,” which highlighted a host of resources and provided key considerations from top experts in Maryland and throughout the nation. If you know someone who might benefit from this material, please pass it along:

#BrainMatters is a community-based collaboration spearheaded by Johns Hopkins Memory and Aging, part of the Johns Hopkins Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center’s (JHADRC) community outreach efforts. These efforts include providing the broader Maryland community with education and resources on topics related memory loss and aging, as well as ways to become involved in research studies that advance science around brain health, memory loss, and dementia including Alzheimer’s disease.  The JHADRC is led by Dr. Marilyn Albert, who is a COAH Senior Associate Faculty member.

For more information about the JHADRC and the types of studies currently enrolling participants, visit: http://www.alzresearch.org/participate-in-research.cfm.

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By Anthony L. Teano, MLA
Communications Specialist