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Johns Hopkins Center on Aging and Health

David Roth

Director, Center on Aging and Health
Academic Degrees
Ph.D., University of Kansas
Departmental Affiliation
Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology
Departmental Address
2024 E. Monument Street, Suite 2-700
Baltimore, Maryland 21205
Phone: 410-955-0491
Fax: 410-614-9625
Research and Professional Experience

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Dr. Roth is the Director of the interdisciplinary Center on Aging and Health (COAH) at Johns Hopkins University and a Professor in the Division of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine.  He has joint appointments as a Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and the Department of Biostatistics of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He also serves as the Director of the Edward R. Roybal Center for translational research. Dr. Roth has over 25 years of experience as an investigator in the areas of gerontology, behavioral research, and applied statistical modeling.  He has specific interests in the psychosocial aspects of chronic health conditions, both for patients and their family caregivers.  This includes considerable experience investigating the effects of disabling neurological conditions such as dementia and stroke-related disabilities. He also serves as a senior biostatistician and a research design expert on many investigative teams. Areas of statistical expertise include longitudinal analysis methods, structural equation modeling, latent variable approaches, and mediation modeling.  


Caregiving, stroke, gerontology, behavioral research, and applied statistical modeling.

Honors and Awards

Dean’s Award for Excellence in Mentorship, Graduate School, UAB, 2010.

Social and Behavioral Science Research in Aging Award, Center for Aging, UAB, 2004.

Presidential Teaching Award Nominee, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, UAB, 1998.

Dissertation Fellowship, Graduate School, University of Kansas, 1984-1985.

Citation Research Award, Div. 38 (Health Psychology) of the American Psychological Assoc, 1984.

Helga Vigliano Scholarship, University of Kansas, 1982-1983.

National Institute of Mental Health Traineeship, Univ. of Kansas, 1981-1982.

Graduated Summa Cum Laude, University of North Dakota, 1980.

Phi Beta Kappa, University of North Dakota, 1980.

Selected Publications

Publications by Dr. David L Roth on PubMed

Roth, D. L., & MacKinnon, D. P. (2012).  Mediation analysis with longitudinal data.  In J. T.  Newsom, R. N. Jones, & S. M. Hofer (Eds).  Longitudinal data analysis:  A practical guide for researchers in aging, health, and social sciences (pp. 181-216).  New York:  Routledge.

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Roth, D.L., Perkins, M., Wadley, V.G., Temple, E.M., & Haley, W.E. (2009).  Family caregiving and emotional strain:  Associations with quality of life in a large national sample of middle-aged and older adults.  Quality of Life Research, 18, 679-688. PMCID: PMC2855243

Haley, W.E., Allen, J.Y., Grant, J.S., Clay, O.J., Perkins, M., & Roth, D.L. (2009).  Problems and benefits reported by stroke family caregivers:  Results from a prospective epidemiological study.  Stroke, 40, 2129-2133.  PMCID:  PMC2707750

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Roth, D.L., Ackerman, M.L., Okonkwo, O.C., & Burgio, L.D. (2008).  The four-factor model of depressive symptoms in dementia caregivers:  A structural equation model of ethnic differences.  Psychology and Aging, 23, 567-576. PMCID: PMC2579269

Roth, D.L., Haley, W.E., Wadley, V.G., Clay, O.J., & Howard, G. (2007).  Race and gender differences in perceived caregiver availability for community-dwelling middle-aged and older adults.  The Gerontologist, 47, 721-729.  PMCID:  PMC2855242

Roth, D.L., Mittelman, M.S., Clay, O.J., Madan, A., & Haley, W.E. (2005).  Changes in social support as mediators of the impact of a psychosocial intervention for spouse caregivers of persons with Alzheimer's disease.  Psychology and Aging, 20, 634-644.

Mittelman, M.S., Roth, D.L., Coon, D.W., & Haley, W.E. (2004).  Sustained benefit of supportive intervention for depressive symptoms in Alzheimer’s caregivers.  American Journal of Psychiatry, 161, 850-856.

Roth, D.L., Stevens, A.B., Burgio, L.D. & Burgio, K.L. (2002).  Timed-event sequential analysis of agitation in nursing home residents during personal care interactions with nursing assistants.  Journal of Gerontology:  Psychological Sciences, 57B, 461-468. 

Roth, D.L., Haley, W.E., Owen, J.E., Clay, O.J., & Goode, K.T. (2001).  Latent growth models of the longitudinal effects of dementia caregiving:  A comparison of African-American and White family caregivers. Psychology and Aging, 16, 427-436.

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